While the chemistry and performance of a biocide is an exact science, the field efficacy of any biocide can vary significantly. Because of the vast number of changes in climate, raw material quality, production variances and human error, developing the most cost-effective treatment program is our goal.

We understand the market and the need for alternatives to traditional treatment programs have become necessary due to increasing regulatory pressure and public concern over the safety and environmental impact or the biocides being used. However few alternatives have the same broad protection as the traditional actives.

Most new generation biocide treatment programs are therefore based on the combination of two or more biocides to offer broader spectrum protection. Nashville Chemical has the knowledge and expertise to help in developing unique, cost-effective, designer biocide packages suitable for all markets.
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is setting strict requirements on the environmental attributes of biocides used for controlling biodeterioration in all water based products and processes. Merely maintaining the integrity of a product or process and preventing microbiological growth in these areas no longer is enough.

To meet the criteria set forth by the EPA for sustainable chemistries, Nashville Chemical develops customized treatment programs that adhere to the health, safety and protection of the environment. Our biocide treatment programs are designed to meet defined targets for toxicity, biodegradation and bioaccumulation. Variances in treatment programs are necessary when performance and sustainability go hand in hand.
Nashville Chemical continuously strives to provide the most cost-effective treatment programs for the industries we service. That is why we rely heavily on microbiological testing services to assure the correct biocide treatment program is applied at the recommended dosages. We believe that the best treatment programs are the ones that meet the economic demands of today.